Casino Games Guides

  • Roulette Guide


    What Is Roulette Roulette is regarded as the simplest casino game to play whether played online or offline. It obtained its name from a French term describing a little wheel. The wheel has a combination of colors…

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  • Craps Guide


    What Is Craps Unlike other live casino or online casino games, craps may sound and look a bit intimidating most especially for beginners whether it be done online or on the casino floors. Unlike the other online…

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  • Slots Guide


    What is Slots? Slot machines are the first games that come in mind upon hearing the term casino. It’s one of the most famous games in casinos and among the easiest games that people can play. Most…

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  • Video poker Guide

    Video poker

    Introduction to Video Poker Video poker is a casino game that has its most basic rules and procedures derived from five-card draw poker. Although video poker has originated as a “gambling machine” back in 1891 in Brooklyn,…

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  • Black Jack Guide

    Black Jack

    Introduction to Blackjack There are many types of gambling games which can be usually played inside an actual casino. These games can be played by using poker chips, cards or combination of both. Have you ever heard…

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  • Baccarat Guide


    Introduction to baccarat Baccarat is a card game based on chance. It can be played at the casino and online (generator or live dealer), and the principles of the game are similar for either version. A live…

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  • Online Keno Guide

    Online Keno

    What is Keno Keno is a variation of a lottery game. It is among the oldest gambling games and has been played by people for over three thousand years. The difference between lottery and keno is that…

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  • Scratch Cards Guide

    Scratch Cards

    What is scratch cards Scratch cards are a type of instant lottery in which the cards made of plastic or hard paper are used. Each card has numbers concealed under a thin coating of latex which has…

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Casino Games FAQ

How can I be sure that all casino games are fair?

The fairness of all games is provided by a Random Number Generator that determines games' payouts. Besides, the casinos publish certificates and marks from independent auditing firms on their websites.

What game is the most profitable to play?

This question is hard to answer for 100% sure. From the one hand, slots are the most popular because of their progressive jackpot factor (big odds to hit with a small inputs). From the other hand, the common idea is spread between the roulette and blackjack. In roulette, you have mostly 50/50 chances to win by placing bets on evens/odds, red/black color or numbers 1-18/19-36. However, if you like count cards and can do it well, the blackjack will bring you the chance to win more.

Are there any games' limits?

Different casinos offer different conditions and limits for the games. Some will have the specific limits for a specific games with no limits for all the rest games. Most casinos work under such scheme, although, there are exceptions as well.
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