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  • Powerball Guide


    Powerball is perhaps one of the most popular US lottery games with tickets currently sold in 47 jurisdictions which includes the US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and District of Columbia. The game is coordinated by the MUSL (Multi-State Lottery Association)…

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  • 2by2 Guide


    2by2 is a lottery, daily draw game played in Nebraska, Kansas and North Dakota. It was originally started in Nebraska and Kansas in 2002, North Dakota joined later in 2006. 2by2 has received a fair bit…

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  • Hot Lotto Guide

    Hot Lotto

    Hot Lotto is a Multi-State Lottery game that is administered by the state of Iowa's MUSL. The game is currently available in 15 jurisdictions, including the District of Columbia. Hot Lotto originally began on April 7th,…

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  • Mega Millions Guide

    Mega Millions

    Mega Millions originally began in 2002, and was called 'The Big Game Mega Millions' which introduced as the successor to The Big Game (almost similar name). Mega Millions is a multi-state lottery currently offered in 44…

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  • Tri-State Guide


    The Tri-State Lottery mainly refers to a number of games offered specifically by the states of New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont. This was the first multi-jurisdiction lottery in the United States, with the first drawings of…

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  • Wild Card Guide

    Wild Card

    Wild Card 2 originally began in 1998 in the USA and lasted a mere 15 months after which it underwent a change in format and the number '2' added. The so called new and improved version…

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Lottery Guide

Lottery is a type of gambling in which the prizes can be won based on the drawings of lots. It is among the easiest ways of winning a great amount of cash and prizes without having to invest much money. You only simply have to buy a ticket to give yourself the chance to earn a sizeable amount of money.

Lotteries have a very rich and distinguished history. From the ancient Chinese to the Roman Empire, lotteries have remained a common method of raising money for governments. In the early days, the prizes for winning a lottery were goods and daily items of use. With the passage of time, the concept of money as the prize for winning a lottery became popular and started to attract more people. The introduction of the internet has meant that lotteries can now be organized online. This has given people, living in various parts of the world, the chance to try their luck and win a jackpot of anywhere between $1 million to $10 million by simply purchasing a lottery ticket online. Yes, there are many countries where lottery is forbidden as a kind of the gambling, such as Algeria or Cambodia. But there are more than hundred states that made lottery completely legalized.

So, there are plenty of opportunities and places to play a lottery if one wants to try. This guide explains all the details and peculiarities of the game and shows the way how not to make mistakes and get a nice payout.

How to Play Online Lottery

Playing online lottery is not that difficult. You only have to buy a ticket or choose a set of numbers from a given set to get an entry into the draw. The winning depends on the amount of the numbers that you guessed in your ticket. If all the numbers you have chosen match all the numbers that have been drawn out in the lottery, then you become eligible to win the jackpot. The principle is just the same as playing live lottery, when you buy a lottery ticket and choose the numbers in each section. 

There are a number of online lotteries available all around the world and each one offers a different prize to the participants. Some of them offer valuable items as the prize while others give away cash for winning the lottery. Moreover, there are some online lotteries that award the prizes to multiple winners. There are three main kinds of the online lottery:

The most popular format of online lottery is the 50-50 format in which the organizers promise to give away 50% of the revenue that has been generated through lottery ticket sales. Other popular formats include 5 ball, 6 ball and 7 ball lotto games.

You will have to make online payments for the lottery tickets that you buy online. Most of the official lottery websites provide you a limited number of banking options for buying the online lottery tickets. Usually, you can either make the payment using your bank account or transferring the money to your on-site wallet that corresponds to the price of the lottery ticket. 

Buying Tickets from the Third Party Websites

Online lottery tickets can be bought from third party websites as well. These ones give you the chance to get bonuses that usually range from matching 100% to 150% of the deposited amount. There are also other promotions available that include "buy one - get one free" and discounts on multi-draw lotteries. Moreover, they also give you the chance to make deposits using a number of different payment options like e-wallet services, credit cards and prepaid cards. However, these third party websites rarely give you the chance to win more than $100.

If you have won an online lottery then you can claim your prize by showing the ticket to the organizers. If the number on it matches with the winning draw, then you will get the prize either as a lump sum or in the form of annuity payments. You will have to make a traditional withdrawal request to get hold of your money.


Online lottery is a game of chance and luck. The odds that you are going to win the lottery are very remote and more often you are not going to have a single number on your ticket that matches the winning ticket.

The odds of winning an online lottery depend largely on the format you are participating in. For instance, if you play 5-ball lottery then your odds of winning the lottery will be a lot higher than if you participate in 7-ball lottery. Moreover, if you buy multi-draw tickets then your odds of winning the lottery will improve as your ticket will be re-entered into the draw. You can also try to find the lotteries with the best cost-benefit ratios. 


There is no definite strategy that can be used for winning an online lottery. However, there are ways through which you can improve your odds of claiming the jackpot by 0.001 percent.

  1. The first method is to choose a lucky number and stick with it every time you buy a ticket. This way your chances of winning the lottery will increase by 1 each time you buy a new lottery ticket.
  2. The second method is to research the recent lottery results. Make sure that you do not choose any of the numbers that have already appeared on a winning ticket. The reason for this is the common belief that a combination of numbers that have be chosen once would not appear again, and thus, opting for a different combination of numbers would increase your chances of winning.
  3. You can also try the "hot and cold numbers" strategy -  investigate the past 12 month lottery history and define what numbers are usually used ( hot ones), and those that haven't been used for a while (cold ones). Then, based on this data you can form a winning combination for a certain lottery. This way can give you a strong entry but, of course, not promise a jackpot.


  • The best tip for winning an online lottery is to buy as many tickets as possible. The more entries you have in the draw, the more chances you will have for winning the lottery. 
  • Joining a lottery pool is another tip that can improve your odds of winning. However, since you will be sharing the winning ticket with other people in the lottery pool, you will also have to share the prize money with them.
  • Another great tip would be to pick the numbers yourself rather than relying on the quick picks. When choosing the numbers yourself, you can avoid picking the numbers that have already be drawn in the previous lottery results.
  • Choose a well-spoken and safe lottery website and check the reputation of its software because this issue can influence the quality of playing. 
  • Let the computer choose the numbers for you. Oddly, this way gives you more chances to win.
  • Don't delay in checking your numbers and claiming your won prizes.


The following are some of the terminologies that are commonly used when playing online lottery games.

Annuity - is the payment of a lottery jackpot that is done over a course of several years, instead of the lump sum payment.
Drawing - is the choosing of the lottery numbers that are going to determine the winner.
Fixed Payout - is the lottery cash prize that does not depend on the number of players participating in the online lottery.
Jackpot - the highest prize money that can be won in a lottery game. It is paid either as a lump sum or in the form of annuity payments.
Multi-draw - a type of lottery in which a ticket is entered multiple times.
Prize - the amount of cash that is won by a ticket holder if the numbers printed on his ticket match the numbers on the winning ticket.
Roller over - if a jackpot has not been won by any of the participants of the online lottery, its amount would be carried over to the next jackpot.
Straight - a bet in which the player has to guess the number of a winning lottery ticket in the exact order as they had been drawn.
Ticket - the slip on which the lottery numbers are printed.


In short, online lotteries are very alluring for people who want to get a large prize without spending a great deal of money. Although it is a game of chance and luck and the odds of winning are very low, if you play steadily and intelligently you can improve your chances of winning.

Lottery FAQ

What if my ticket gets stolen?

If your ticket has been stolen and you end up winning the lottery, then you must contact the organizers immediately and report that your ticket has been stolen. This will prevent someone else from claiming the prize using your ticket.

What are the most popular online lotteries?

Euro Millions, Mega Millions, Power Ball and Hot Lotto are some of the most popular online lotteries that offer gigantic jackpots and prizes.

Can an online lottery be rigged?

Although there have been instances in the past of online lotteries being rigged, it is extremely difficult for people to rig them in this day and age.


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